Friday, April 3, 2009

Film Destroyers Experiment

Friday, April 3, 2009
Many things that we can do to get an incredible and unpredictable photos by film destroyers.

I found an artist, names Felixfenix's. Felix is a genius. Her mind seems to be endlessly stocked with brilliance, and she weeps talent all over her stream. Her photos are full of creativity. it's as if internal daydreams were captured with a camera. I love how experimental she is. coloring photos with food coloring, using double exposures to capture the mind's eye in bright colors.
I love that she uses film, she proves to the world that photos taken pure organically without processing can still blow minds.

FILM DESTROYERS experiment by Felixfenix's
film destroyers technique : Bleached, then dyed, then salted, then boiled the negative after development.

by felix fenix williams, 35mm in pentax mv, of ian o'hara
The red is from green food coloring. The entire negative went through a process of being soaked in salt water, coated in food coloring, and boiled.

by felix fenix williams, 120 in holga gn, of aubri wolfe

by felix nicole williams, 35mm in konica c35, of andrea dankert + liz newberry

by felix nicole williams, 35mm in konica c35, of kerry egeler

by felix fenix williams, 35mm in konica c35, of krista mc

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Anonymous said...

Amazing photos,I like them much. She has fantastic talent.

Ian said...

He's certainly got a fine command of Photoshop.

Ian said...

I meant to say 'She'.

shadowmoon said...

The effects of the second and third pictures are amazing!
I wonder how someone can come to think of doing something like this and get this result. Simply awesome.
Too bad it's not something we can do at home since not everybody can develop the negatives at home and I think we aren't able to recreate such effects on image editing programs with this natural flow.

Ana said...

I also like the effects. It's good to know that there are people working with films and being creative.
I'm glad I found your blog.

Mikes@Your Daily Word said...

great pictures! i think you have a talent eh.
God Bless...

Your Daily Word

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