Saturday, February 28, 2009

Holiday Destination - Pangandaran

Saturday, February 28, 2009
First, i need to share this video clip: ELLO "Masih ada".
I really love it!! hope u enjoy it too guys :)

Green Canyon
The best Way to go to the Green Canyon is with a Guide or by Rent a Motorbike. At a Boat Station are many Boats who drive to the Green Canyon. After 20 Minutes Boat drive over a nice River you are there. There is also the chance to swimming in the Green Canyon.

The National Park
On the southside From Pangandaran is a National Park mostly as Jungle. You can Walk there with a Guide to the beautiful Waterfalls and enjoy the flora and fauna. Or by a 1 day Trip around the Park.

Batu Karas
Batu Karas is a little Village 1 hour away from Pangandaran. The best way to go to Batu Karas from Pangandaran is by Motorbike. Batu Karas offers a nice Beach for swimming and surfing. There are also several Restaurants and Hotels.

Batu Hiu
Batu Hiu is a Place between Pangandaran and Batu Karas. Batu Hiu means Shark's Rock wich is a coastal rock having the shape of a shark. It's nice for relaxing there or swimming at the Beach.

Citumang is 15km outside from Pangandaran. The english name is Green Valley. It's very nice to walk there to the Waterfalls. It's possible to swimming in the river with his very clear water.

see the map (click for large image)

And the most important things is
never ever throw the rubbish where ever you go.
enjoy your holiday :) for more info...

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