Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun Games on Facebook App

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pet Society Games by Playfish

have you ever play this game???
Pet society is an online games that you can play on facebook.

In the world of Pet Society you can customise your pet any way you want through colours, clothes and fun items like watches and jewellery. You and your pet can have a great time! You can play games, decorate your house and even bring gifts for your friends when you visit them.

You can enjoy many different games and activities in Pet Society, playing ball, jumping with your skipping rope or going on treasure hunts for coins in the city. For those who like to compete you can take part in contests against other pets at the Pet Stadium!

Play now and get the fun with your cute pet!


Tower Bloxx by Digital Chocolate

Reach the skies in a wacky skyscraper construction game that tests your reflexes and puzzle skills! Build a brand new home for Tower Toons™ who move in before they even have a roof over their heads! It's a test of skill - the faster you drop new floors, the happier they’ll be. But it's windy up there, and mistakes can cost you a bunch of floors! Casual game play makes building skyscrapers fun and easy for everyone, but it takes practice to really master Tower Bloxx™!

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LAILA said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog.Yours id real cool!Cheers!:) said...

I must try this game...thanks for the info :)

travel_with_love said...

Sounds very interesting. I will check it out later.

ds r4 said...

Tower Bloxx by Digital Chocolate is very nice game. Sometimes i played when i get bored. but usually my children plays.

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?

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