Friday, December 26, 2008

photo pRojects for the new yeaR will be fun!! (part 2)

Friday, December 26, 2008
a passion of pHotograpHy!

now i will talk about the photography and the cameras..

Starting out in photography is a passion to get a wonderfull time full of creativity and discovery. But the are some basic concepts you can keep in mind that can make your first attempts at photography much more rewarding and less frustrating:
- composition
the composition of photograph is a combination of elements coming together to create the whole image. Combine the subject, lighting, background, foreground, focus, and color scheme to create a composition.
- Subjects
no matter what your subject is, you must consciously choose a subject in order to make your image work.
- Rule of thirds, explains where to place your subject in the image.
- Background and foreground
- Focus
- Lighting
- Color
- Motion

here's a five elements that make a photograph great (by nancy hills):
1. Goods photographs are well composed by move in close to a subjects, frame your subjects, and use the rules of thirds .
2. Goods photographs are well exposed by take the time to learn how to use your camera's meter it will be well worth your effort.
3. Goods photographs evokes feeling, because a good photograph stirs up emotions.
4. Goods photographs tell stories. Just like you should know the feeling you want to evoke, know the story you want to tell because a goods photograph always tells a story.
5. Goods photographs say something about life. Uses your photographs to communicate things you know about life to be true.

Use all of five and you will be able for to create a masterpiece. yeaahh the key is feel it and then shoot it!

about SLR and DSLR cameras
SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex and DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex and refers to how the light enters the camera. These are the cameras you see many profesionals and serious amateurs lugging around. These cameras have a large body and interchangeable lense. While SLRs started out a fully manual, where the photographer had to control all features including shutter spread, aperture, film speed, focus point, magnification, capability for add-on flashes, remote releases, additional battery packs so the photographer freedom to take control of all function or any combination of function. ( click here to take a look the camera's)

more about photography

next posting => the uniQue of Lomography in photo pRojects for the new yeaR will be fun (part 3)

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