Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my experiMent with Fisheye2

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
This is my original photo taking by fisheye2 vs after experiment :

what do you think??hahaaaa a combination orange - yellow color with the convenience scratch..sooo weird hahh??lol..
or maybe you've got the interest with this experiment and want to know more
"how it can be??" maybe you can try this too and have a better picture than me!!

well..this is
the tips (i've got this after read LOOMagazine 1st edition):
1. prepare your print photo's (by fuji film, konica..or another place what you want), bleach ("bayclean"), water, stick or indonesian names is "lidi"
2. prepare the solution of bleach water (comparison of half bleach bottles close to 50 ml of water)
3.keep the photo's in that solution for several minutes (maybe 5-10minutes)
4. Now, place the photo's on a flat surface and ready to scratching the photo's with "lidi"
5. after scratch, rinse and dry(do not directly touch with hand)

PLAY with the scracth and...LOOK the difference!!

click here for the magazine => LOOMAGAZINE

New Year All Over The World

Garfield in New Year
The Arbuckles's New Year Tradition (Thanks for Fedmich)

New Year is almost coming to us, how would you celebrate it, attend a party, watching DVD with buddies? or playing UNO Card like Qishi hi..hi..hi..

Every part of the world has it's own tradition to celebrating the New Year coming, here' some of them :


Sydney Fireworks

Unlike the North Side of the world, new year in Australia not coming at snowy day, so they go to the beach.

They have parties that start on December 31 and at midnight they start to make noise with whistles and rattles, car horns and church bells. To ring in the New Year.

In Australia New Year is a day for outdoor activities such as rodeos, picnic races and surf carnivals.


De Iemanjá Festival
Throwing Piegons
De Iemanjá Festival (estatico.tudonahora.com)

They have De Iemanjá Festival where People dressed in white offer flowers and gifts to the Iemanjá, the Goddess of the Water in the Brazilian Umbanda religion. The colorful floating candles gives a splendid view at the time of New Year. A sacrificial boat laden with flowers, candles and jewelery is pushed out to sea from Brazil's famous Ipenama beach in Rio de Janeiro

This festival is celebrated with much devotion and sincerity by the fishermen of the city. They believe the catch at the time reflects the catch for rest of the year


Joya no Kane
Joya no Kane (japan-photo.de)

At the late of 31st December, Japan temple bells usher out the old year, and then comes the Joya no Kane which is the "night-watch bell", this is a series of exactly 108 peals. These, it is said, free the faithful from the 108 "earthly desires" lambasted in the Buddhist canon.

The ringing of the bell 108 times is done to free the year form evil. For those who follow the Shinto religion the house is decorated with evergreen s which are the symbol for eternal life and bamboo which is the symbol for honesty.

Kakizome (kyoto.travel)

At the 2nd of January it's time for kakizome, "first writing". Each member of the family takes a turn dipping a Burch into freshly mixed ink and inscribing a favorite poem or proverb onto a long strip of paper.

Paper lobsters are used as decorations in many Japanese houses at New Year. The reason is that the lobster's curved back resembles an elderly person and every New Year's greeting includes a wish for longevity.

There are two festivals to mark the New Year in Japan which are the Greater and the Lesser. The Greater Festival prayers are offered to the dead and friends exchange ritual gifts and visits when The Lesser Festival prayers for good crops are offered to the god of the rice paddy and a bird-scaring ritual takes place.

How about your country?

Garfield Logo Animation

Credits to : FatherTime's.net

Monday, December 29, 2008

another pLan for celebrating new year

Monday, December 29, 2008
did you have a low of budgeting to get a trip for celebrate new year?? don't worry, i have another choices for u ^-^!
don't just sit around and watching television all night long..its a big NO NO activity at a closing year! get a plan for your new year party (not a big party but your own party)..!
Invite all of your friends and get some fun activity with them like:
- dance competition with a weird musics
- cooking outdoors by grill a BBQ
- UNO tournament for the fun games (there's 2 kind of uno games : uno cards and uno stick.the games play so simply you can go to wikipedia-uno to know more about UNO rules.)
- playing truth or dare games (its a really fun and a crazy games!)
- n don't forget the fireworks too n the camera of course!!

so what are u waiting for??invite all of your friends (you
can invite your old friends too n get a double party - new year's party and reunion's party ^^) n get ready for the fun..!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

photo pRojects for the new yeaR will be fun!! (part 3)

Saturday, December 27, 2008
tHe uniQue of Lomography

before, we was talk about a passion of photography. now it's about a LOMOGRAPHY FUN TIME!!

what the different of it?? the different is..photography using a greatful digital camera, but lomography using an imperfection LOMO plastic camera and must have a roll film to take a picture. Maybe most of you thinks:"whats??are you nuts??imperfection plastic camera hahh??what the interest things of that stuff?!i mean its just a toy!!" Just clean off that mind before you know more about this unique stuff and your eyes will be opened.

In some parts of the world, there are these types of photographers who prefer theirs pictures in film rather than digital(their name is lomographer). They use lomography to create their own art to show the the world that film can has something that digital doesn't have. It is the unique images with a different effect.
Some characteristics that made the lomo cameras unique are their vignettes(black borders), light leaks and saturated colors. These are the signatures of lomo cams. They are not present in every photo you take; it varies from time to time. If someone has the patience to practice learning how to use such a camera, amazing results become possible.

Lomography is something about forgetting the rules of photography. Shooting the lomo way has no limits, no boundaries. and this is the 10 rules of lomography

1. take your camera everywhere you go
2. use it any time - day and night
3. lomography is not an interference to your life but a part of it
4. shoot from the hip
5. approach the objects as close as possible
6. don't think
7. be fast
8. you don't have to know before hand what you captured on film
9. afterwards either
10. don't worry about any rules

There are many kind of lomo camera's:

The Actionsampler Flash is yet another very unique camera from Lomo that is super fun to use and produces fantastic images even in the darkest atmospheres. The Actionsampler produces its unique images by setting off 4 separate...expand review high-quality lenses in a clockwise motion, making 4 split images on one picture (quadrant style) with the addition of a powerful flip up flash (4 separate flashes to be exact!) that go off perfectly in sync with each opening shutter allowing you to take shots and experiment in any less-than-bright situation. As usual - experimentation and physical involvement are highly recommended (run with it, wave it around, stick it in people's faces, and most importantly is get close!).

Lomo has teamed up with those pigeon-loving dudes at Staple to create the limited edition rubberized Colorsplash Chakra camera. The first thing you'll notice about this piece is the grey and red colorway (designed by Staple of course) complete with the signature...expand review fake turd on the back. Then you might wonder about the odd looking flash sticking out the side - that's were the "Chakras" come in. The Colorsplash flash comes in seven different colors, each representing the seven basic spiritual forces (chakras) and each easily switchable with a simple rotation of the knob. Use the purple colorsplash for peace, tranquility, and closeness, the blue colorsplash for music, nightlife, and parties, the green for nature, animals and life, yellow for sports, orange for consumption, red for passion, or the multicolor colorsplash for the random and unexpected. Of course you can use the colors anyway you see fit, just be creative!

It offers three key capabilities:
1) Integrated color flash. Like their popular Colorsplash cameras this flash allows you to slip in color gel filters(included) for a burst of colored light, day or night.
2)Long Exposure Flash. By setting your Diana F+ to the long exposure "B" setting, you can let streaming ambient light into your image, superimposing a flashed subject against a glowing, riotous, and beautiful background.
3)The Diana Flash attaches to the Diana F+ camera body camera via a two-pronged plug adapter, just like the original!
On top of that, a Diana Plug-to-Hotshoe adapter is included, which allows you to use the hi-powered, radiant Diana Flash on any standard hotshoe camera - like the LC-A+, Fisheye 2, Holga w/ hotshoe and plenty of others! The unique Diana camera shoots in 120 file format in 2 sizes - choose between 12 full-frame shots (5.2x5.2cm) or 16 smaller squares (4.2x4.2). It also features 2 shutter speeds (daytime and nighttime exposures), multiple or partial exposures, removable lens with pinhole function for super-wide angle imagery, an endless panorama feature (use this setting along with the smaller image format (4.2x4.2) to place sequential frames right next to each other and create a concurrent and unlimited panoramic image), shutter lock, and tripod thread.

The first Fisheye camera is the bestselling Lomo camera of all time.
For this updated model, they've taken input from their dedicated user base, and added several key features:
• stronger body with metal parts
• includes a new "B" setting – allowing the expand review shutter to stay open and admit natural nightime light outside
• new multiple exposure switch enables as many shots as you like on the same frame
• a fisheye viewfinder gives you a real view preview of what you are shooting
• flash hotshoe allows for easy use with the Colorsplash Flash (not included)
The Fisheye2 uses the same high quality Japanese fisheye lense as the first Fisheye, allowing you to shoot almost 180 degrees in a single frame. Huge depth of field renders both the foreground and background in complete focus and creates great distortion effects.

New upgraded Holga features built in color-flash system with a carousel around the flash - choose from red, blue, yellow and white. Also new to the Holga is a expand review tripod thread and shutter setting upgrade that now allows a manual shutter setting so you can keep the shutter open as long as desired. The Holga is a medium format camera, which means that it takes 120mm as opposed to normal 35mm film. Medium and large format cameras are the choice of many professionals for their excellent enlargement capabilities, crisp detailing and fuller image saturation. Because of it's design and cheap manufacture, the Holga photographic experience is completely unpredictable:the plastic lens distorts, the plastic body leaks light, the focus is soft, the edges are tunneled- all of which makes it an experimentalist's dream. You can also blast as many exposures as you want on to one frame (just don't wind it) and the Holga comes with a built-in flash for low light.

This could be Lomo's most amazing camera yet. The Horizon affords you an extremely easy and rewarding way to take wide angle panoramic photographs. Take a look at some of the examples on the detail pages- badass and SUPER WIDE! Rather expand review than using a wide-angle lens (like the fisheye for example) or simply cropping the top and bottom of the frame like pedestrian "panoramic" film, the Horizon actually captures a full 120 degrees of image for these incredible photographs that look like nothing else out there. It's also super easy to use- basically just point and shoot and you'll have these beautiful panoramic shots that are so cool they almost look fake. It features a multicoated glass lens, shutter settings for day and night time, and a fixed f/8 aperture, all of which makes the picture both eye popping and easy to take. The Horizon takes normal 35mm film, but the film is slowly exposed as the lens swings left to right and the resulting negative is a whopping 58mm wide.

The LC-A+ takes the best features and super-useful capabilities making it simply the finest, surprising, robust, vividly colorful, and expand review soundly addicting snapshot Lomo. This multi-coated beauty of a lens is the reason for most of the Lomos magical & famous effects - including over-intense color saturation, sharp contrast, vignetting at the edges, occasionally selective focus, and a whole host of other quirks that only the Lomo's analog wizardy can deliver. In addition, Lomo has taken the advice of it's community and has added powerful new mulitple and long-exposure features. The new MX (multiple exposure) switch allows you to superimpose one image on top of another an infinite amount of times for unique effects. Long exposure fans will love the addition of a cable release thread and cable release included in the LC-A+. No more blurry, shaky pictures when you place the Lomo somewhere sturdy and use the cable release to fire the shutter! For colorful, surprising and unique photos everytime - you can't get much better than this.

Ever wonder when the Lomo folks would venture into movie cameras? Well don't get too excited, it hasn't happened yet, but the result of the Oktomat is a cross between photography and Super 8 video that will have you in a shooting expand review frenzy. One push of the shutter gets you 8 shots in sequence over a period of 2 seconds, all on one print exposure.

This camera may look like a toy (and in some ways it is), but it actually takes brilliant photographs. The Supersampler has 4 separate high-quality lenses which go off in succession, making 4 split images on one picture. You can adjust the expand review shutter speed to take the 4 snaps in 2 seconds, the standard, or 0.2 seconds for really fast stuff. It's incredibly simple to use, completely spontaneous, and about the most fun you can have with a camera. There's no viewfinder and the lens has a sharp enough focal length that you can take clear pics as close as 1ft from your subject. Basically that means you hold the thing out, press the shutter button, move it around and experiment your ass off (remember the 2 seconds). The only drawback with the Supersampler is that you pretty much have to use it outdoors, in bright lighting situations.

http://www.lomography.com/to know more about
www.lomography.com/tips for the tips!!

Have the fun to going LOMO!!DONT THINK JUST SHOOT!!

okk..now u have the info about the using camera (its up to you..wanna be a photographer or a lomographer)

well in the last, i just want to say...
"ENJOY your TRIP and HAVE FUN with your pHoto projects on CELEBRATING NEW YEAR" ^-^

Friday, December 26, 2008

photo pRojects for the new yeaR will be fun!! (part 2)

Friday, December 26, 2008
a passion of pHotograpHy!

now i will talk about the photography and the cameras..

Starting out in photography is a passion to get a wonderfull time full of creativity and discovery. But the are some basic concepts you can keep in mind that can make your first attempts at photography much more rewarding and less frustrating:
- composition
the composition of photograph is a combination of elements coming together to create the whole image. Combine the subject, lighting, background, foreground, focus, and color scheme to create a composition.
- Subjects
no matter what your subject is, you must consciously choose a subject in order to make your image work.
- Rule of thirds, explains where to place your subject in the image.
- Background and foreground
- Focus
- Lighting
- Color
- Motion

here's a five elements that make a photograph great (by nancy hills):
1. Goods photographs are well composed by move in close to a subjects, frame your subjects, and use the rules of thirds .
2. Goods photographs are well exposed by take the time to learn how to use your camera's meter it will be well worth your effort.
3. Goods photographs evokes feeling, because a good photograph stirs up emotions.
4. Goods photographs tell stories. Just like you should know the feeling you want to evoke, know the story you want to tell because a goods photograph always tells a story.
5. Goods photographs say something about life. Uses your photographs to communicate things you know about life to be true.

Use all of five and you will be able for to create a masterpiece. yeaahh the key is feel it and then shoot it!

about SLR and DSLR cameras
SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex and DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex and refers to how the light enters the camera. These are the cameras you see many profesionals and serious amateurs lugging around. These cameras have a large body and interchangeable lense. While SLRs started out a fully manual, where the photographer had to control all features including shutter spread, aperture, film speed, focus point, magnification, capability for add-on flashes, remote releases, additional battery packs so the photographer freedom to take control of all function or any combination of function. ( click here to take a look the camera's)

more about photography

next posting => the uniQue of Lomography in photo pRojects for the new yeaR will be fun (part 3)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

photo pRojects for the new yeaR will be fun!! (part 1)

Thursday, December 25, 2008
Recommendation for celebrate New Year

don't have a plan for celebrate new year??
why don't you go to some beautiful place n get a photo projects?? take a photo in the end of the year you'll not only have a great collection of photos documenting your year, but you'll also have vastly improved your photo skills (or at least that's the idea).

first you need to go the travel. There are so many beautiful places you can find in Indonesia..!my recommendation is
RAJA AMPAT ISLANDS in west papua (Irian Jaya). This small area has the richest coral reef life in the world. Apart from the reefs, this area also has some of the most stunning top-side views in the world, big cathedral-like caves inside the islands, quite lagoons with crystal white sand n water in every shade of blue and green, bird life such as the birds of paradise, the most stunning sunsets you'll ever see and the greatest is almost no-tourists! (http://www.rajaampat.org/)

(this pictures no filters/digital tricks)

Well if you think this place is so far away, i have another choice for you. UMANG ISLAND in Banten - Java Island (not far away from jakarta) is beautiful island with a white sandy beach, clear water and wood cottege. The resort of umang island are designed in tropical form that will you make comfortable and relax with the service and also feel like to live.(http://www.pulau-umang.com/)

ok..now u've got a beautifull place to go a travel..

and then we needs soMe of cameras to take a great or an unique pictures..

there's a many kinds of cameras..in this case, we talk about photography for a great pictures (SLR and DSLR cameras) and lomography for an unique pictures (LOMO cameras).

for the info..you must checks my next posting => a passion of photography and the unique of lomography in
photo pRojects for the new yeaR will be fun part 2 and part 3.

my award :)

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